Trekking Light Socks 059
Trekking Light Socks 059

Trekking Light Socks 059

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Socks designed for long-term use at both higher and lower temperatures. The zone structure guarantees very good foot shock absorption, protecting the Achilles tendon. Specially selected composition with the use of COOLMAX® fibers ensures high thermal insulation properties. The product guarantees the transport of moisture to the outside of the sock, thus ensuring adequate air circulation and a long-lasting feeling of dryness. Thanks to the implementation of silver ions and the use of Merino wool, the socks effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold - thus reducing the formation of unpleasant odors.


Comfort System - pressure-free double welt.

Anatomy System - Y-type heel, appropriately contoured fabric perfectly fits the foot, stabilizing it in the footwear.

Air Control System - a system of ventilation channels, supports the maintenance of optimal air exchange by removing moisture and excess heat.

Protect System - the terry layer protects the Achilles tendon and heel from grazing.

Rosso System - flat toe seam prevents grazing.

Polyester 42% | Merino Wool 22% | Polyacryl 22% | Polyamide 11% | Spandex 3%

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