Ice Fishing Set 215-B
Ice Fishing Set 215-B
Ice Fishing Set 215-B
Ice Fishing Set 215-B

Ice Fishing Set 215-B

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Fishing set designed for active anglers fishing even in extreme conditions. Thanks to the BRATEX® membrane with increased parameters of vapor permeability and water resistance (8,000 mm H2O / 8,000 g / m2 / 24 h), it provides thermal comfort by draining excess moisture from the inside of the clothing, while protecting against rain, snow and wind. In addition, the outer layer of clothing was covered with DRY CARE® finish, which made the outfit more resistant to dirt and even better protects against moisture. Many practical solutions give a unique, functional character.

FLOAT GUARD is a unique buoyancy set, filled with multilayer polyurethane foam, which increases the user's ability to stay afloat in emergency situations. The foam structure is millions of bubbles forming spaces where warm air is retained. It protects against cold and reduces the risk of hypothermia. In addition, to increase the user's safety on the way to the fishery, the outfit is equipped with reflective elements.

A set designed for fishing in colder seasons. Perfect for temperatures - 15 C in winter.


  • Pockets fastened with waterproof zippers
  • Taped seams
  • Hand pockets lined with warm knitwear
  • Inner pockets for gloves
  • A deep hood with a face shield
  • A wide strip at the main castle
  • Strippers at the waist and bottom of the jacket
  • Sleeves reinforced with durable fabric
  • Reflective elements for increased safety
  • Jacket filled with a layer of Float displacement liner
  • Neoprene cuffs on the sleeves


  • Wide, elastic suspenders
  • Spacious pockets with Velcro
  • Additional pockets closed with waterproof zippers
  • Strong main lock with inner and outer protective flap
  • Knees reinforced with durable, waterproof material
  • Buttoned legs with pleats for easy insertion of shoes
  • Adjusting the leg circumference
  • Reflective elements increasing safety on the way to and from the fishery
  • Pants filled with a layer of Float displacement liner
  • Taped seams







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